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A Message from ODONA/LTC President:

 I hope everyone enjoyed this year’s Convention as much as the board and I enjoyed planning it for you. We had a good turn out with attendees, and wonderful vendors and sponsors this year. Our convention would not be possible without all the wonderful sponsors we are able to obtain. The vendor hall was packed with great companies who are truly interested in helping and advancing the long term care industry.

          Pictures will be posted soon and I encourage you to send any photos you may have taken to us at the address.

          Surveys will be coming out via email to you soon. Please respond honestly. We want to make the conventions something you not only look forward to but something that you can learn from.

          We are still looking for regional representatives and new members. Please share this great group with all your colleagues.

A big thank you to the previous board and my new board for all you have done to help me.


Thank you all for all you do!!!

Jennifer Maple RN, CDON

President, ODONA